Humelle Smart Humidifier
Humelle Smart Humidifier
Humelle Smart Humidifier

Humelle Smart Humidifier

Humelle is our latest innovative product designed to optimize the humidity levels in your home, while providing a customizable and visually appealing atmosphere with its smart ring light feature. With its advanced sensors, Humelle can detect the current humidity levels in your home and adjust its output accordingly to maintain a target humidity level of your choosing. This helps to prevent dry air, which can lead to issues like dry skin, coughs, and other respiratory problems.
Humelle works seamlessly with Apple Home using Thread Technology. With a Thread-enabled Border Router (HomePod [mini] or Apple TV 4K), it allows for easy integration with your existing Apple Home setup, giving your the ability to monitor the humidity level in real-time, and control your Humelle with your iOS devices and through Siri voice commands from anytime, at anywhere.
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Apple Home over Thread

Auto target humidity

Programmable multi-color ring light

5.5L ample capacity

Max 350 ml/hr ultra-mist output

360º dual-stream mist output

Swiss-made high-precision humidity & temperature sensors

Essential oil tray


Sleekpoint App for automations and exclusive features

Humelle Smart Humidifier x 1

Power Adapter x 1

Cleaning Brush x 1

Aroma Pad x 2

User Manual x 1

Works with Apple Home

With Thread, which creates an entirely separate mesh network dedicated to smart devices, you can instantly connect Humelle to the network and get faster response times and reduced latency, regardless of the number of devices in the network.

Humelle works seamlessly with Apple Home ecosystem and the Sleekpoint app, which offers a load of smart features to enrich your experience.

Auto Target Humidity

Set an auto-humidity target level or range (Sleekpoint app), and leave the rest to Humelle. It's capable of automatically maintaining the humidity level for you, your children, or plants, through its built-in, high-precision sensors and advanced algorithms.

Dynamic, Fun and Smart Lighting

Choose from a collection of lighting themes and customize your favorite colors and effects via the Sleekpoint app. The bright, vibrant ring light is also able to reflect the current humidity status (Real-Time Humidity theme), or sync with mist output (Mist-Sync speed mode).

Powerful Mist For Large Rooms

The ample water tank holds 5.5 litres of water, together with a Maximum 350 ml/hr cool mist output, which is able to provide long-lasting humidification for bedrooms, nursery rooms and other large rooms. It's highly recommended that you clean your Humelle at least every 72 hours for your optimum health and cleanliness.

Whisper-Quiet Sleep Mode

When "Sleep Mode" is on, all the led lights on Humelle are turned off to avoid disturbance to your sleep. You may choose from "Default", "Quiet" and "Whisper" noise levels to balance out your need for humidity and tolerance for noise. The more quiet it is, the lower the mist level.

SenseBoost Technology for Accurate Humidity Measurements

Unlike most humidifiers available today, Airversa's innovative and unique airflow system, utilising a Swiss-made high-precision humidity & temperature sensing module, provides accurate values for automations and status awareness.