Scenta+ Waterless Diffuser
Scenta+ Waterless Diffuser
Scenta+ Waterless Diffuser

Scenta+ Waterless Diffuser

Scenta+'s plus-size bottle holds up to 100 ml of essential oil. With the latest cold diffusion technology, Scenta+ converts essential oil into nano vapor to approximately 1-3 microns without using heat or water, maintaining its therapeutic properties for easier absorption into the body. It is much easier, more hygienic and safer.

We make it compact enough for you to fit it into your car cup holders so that you may take it with you wherever you go. As it is compatible with the majority of essential oils available, it gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of fragrances that soothe you, relax you, or refresh you in a variety of situations. 

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100ml oil capacity

Multicolor ambient light with 3 lighting effects

Premium metallic design

Advanced waterless diffusing technology

Ultra portable design

Compatible with 5 / 10ml standard essential oil bottles

Up to 48 hours runtime with built-in rechargeable battery

Touch control

Countdown timer and mist control

Auto anti-spill protection

Type-C charging

Nebulizing Diffuser x 1

USB-C Cable x 1

Spare Kit x 1

User Manual

1. How to select the right essential oil?

Use 100% pure essential oils. Resin and thick oil are not recommended. Camphor tree, dried orange peel, eaglewood
and mixed oils are prohibited

2. When I change to a new oil, there is mixed smell coming from my previous oil. How do I clean the nozzle and the bottle?

Fill the empty bottle with 30ml of 99% ethyl/ethanol alcohol. Shake to fully rinse the inner surface of the bottle and then run the device 10-15 minutes. Empty the rest alcohol in the bottle at last.

3. I feel like it stops running sometimes, what has happened?

Please refer to section 5 for ‘mist level explained’ in User Manual. The device is able to automatically optimize atomizing/pausing according to mist level.

4. How long does it take to fully charge the device?

Normally around 3 hours.


Cleaning is a Breeze

Use 30ml 99% Ethanol/Ethyl Alcohol to clean the bottle while adapting a new oil.